Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Community service~ We painted a chain link fense at the park near our apartments. Yes, the boys had to get up early and paint in the sun... poor boys!!
The farmers market!
After the boys left for work we went downtown to the farmers market. This cute old man was so funny! I bought some really good peach jam!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy birthday Haley!! We went to a cute little place for her 22nd birthday. I guess the old guy running the shop doesn't really know how to take a picture.. ha ha
Some of us decided to make the day go by faster and went on a "river walk" to get some exercise. We didn't last very long because we went at the peak of the day.

Jenny and I went to Atlanta to have lunch with her cousin that was only in town for a few days and we had a wonderful experience... We drove around looking for places to park and we found a spot that let us use a card for 4$ for the whole day. We parked and this man came up to Jenny's side of the car and said it would be 5$ for the day or we could pay with our card for 8$. We decided to use cash and we gave the man 20$ and asked for change and he said he would be right back to get change. Well, lets just say the man walked away really fast and we never saw him again. We were both dumbfounded that someone would do that.. guess we are not in Utah anymore!

We paid 24$ for parking for 1 hour. The left ticket is that fake one the man gave us and the right is the real ticket.

One Sunday afternoon we gathered at a sisters house for a pot luck. She made this amazing curry dinner for 40 or more people... what an amazing lady!!

The wives
Just a few of us!

For Jenny's 21 birthday we went to six flags and had some fun around our cute little town!!
Lunch/Dinner for 4?
Me and Kylie

Jenny and Jenny